Justin Brooke

Director of Marketing

Platinum Partners Real Estate Team

Platinum Partners Real Estate Team. With ONE there are possibilities, with a TEAM there are endless possibilities.

About Justin Brooke

Being born and raised in the little town of Truckee, a town bordering the unforgettable Tahoe area, helped me develop my love for the detailed work of building homes. Day and night I watched my brother, alongside my father, build beautiful homes; ones that I was so fortunate to also live in. With my background in marketing, screen printing and embroidery, I have developed a keen eye to detail that I find important in the real estate world. IĀ attended CSUC years ago, but have recently come back to Chico after living in Truckee and San Diego for the last 8 years. All of these things have brought me here to help people like you, find their perfect home and make the decision feel like an easy one.